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Is GIS software getting too expensive for you to use?

Are you scared of going to freeware?

Did you know that

  • The use of opensource GIS is growing with over 100,000 regular users in 2011
  • Two-thirds have a fully documented strategic approach for using open source in their businesses, while another 32 percent are developing a strategic plan.
  • Of the organizations using open source, 88 percent will increase their investment
  • There are showcases of use and extensive support and tutorials
  • There are lots of active QGIS users in FNQ and in-person tech support is closer than you think.
  • Many GIS job listings ask for open source familiarity

Big name GIS software is expensive, how can QGIS be free?

  • QGIS is free because the software is developed by a community of dedicated volunteers.

Can QGIS do the same as big name GIS software?

  • Yes, QGIS has 400 plug-ins that enable QGIS to Create, edit, visualize, analyse and publish geospatial information on Windows, Mac & Linux, the same as big name GIS software.
  • QGIS provides integration with other open source GIS packages, including PostGIS, GRASS, and MapServer to give users extensive functionality

Can I use my existing files in QGIS?

Who is using QGIS?

  • The top 30 GIS desktop programs have been mapped and QGIS is the second most widely used program.
  • Some Australian State, Federal, Local Government, Not for Profit organisations and Private GIS businesses are changing to QGIS.

Can I get ongoing QGIS help and training?

  • There are plenty of online tutorials available; also ‘GetBack2Basics’ has regular beginner, intermediate and advanced training classes scheduled.

Bring your laptop. Instructors will help you install the free software on your laptop for the course.


Intermediate Class: 25th & 26th June 2015 For people that have an understanding of GIS and want to get stuck into QGIS.


$280 upwards - you will get 2 days of training as well as a free USB stick of data to get you started plus SSSI points