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Google Apps for organisations

Reducing your costs, efforts and frustrations by going to the Cloud

  • Are you always wondering if you are working on the latest version? Forget about version control!
  • Tired of having to be at your office to do work with your colleagues? Work together anywhere, on any device!
  • Are you tethered to the internet? work offline!
  • Did you know that
    • 44% of FTSE companies are on GApps including Woolworths Australia! saving $1708 per employee!
    • It's greener!
    • Users are more relaxed and more productive.

Top 10 Reasons to Use G.A.F.E. @sylviaduckworth: https://www.flickr.com/photos/15664662@N02/18344369522/

Next Course:

Aug 25th - Quick introduction -GApps deployment in your organisation @ theHub Mareeba

Aug 30th - Quick introduction -GApps deployment in your organisation @ theSpace Cairns

September 5th - Monday | GApps and Docs - Destiny Cafe, Atherton - Contact us

September 6th - Tue | GApps and Sheets - Destiny Cafe, Atherton - Contact us

September 8th - Thu | GApps and Forms - Destiny Cafe, Atherton - Contact us

Quick Tips

  1. Use Google Drive to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations and even drawings.
  2. See the revision history so that you know who changed what, when. Ctrl+Alt+Shft+G.
  3. Give people access to what you want them to see, comment and/or edit.
  4. Use Add-ons to do everything from getting templates, to changing case to mail merging
  5. Find apps to do everything from photo-editing to video to project management and mind-mapping.
  6. Access files on any device, at any time and anywhere -whether you are online of offline
  7. Drag-n-drop into Google Drive -just like you copy-paste in windows
  8. Use it to store stuff just like drop box but use it more to maintain the current version of any file.
  9. OCR from PDF's for free!
  10. Join GetBack2Basics for a Google Apps training program right here in the Tablelands.

The course(s)

Quick Introduction - Check out the following video for a quick look at what you will learn in this workshop. To get the most out of this program please get a gmail account prior to the class and bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone. This is 90min program is designed as an overview of what happens in the full course and is designed to show how it can impact an organisation. Click this for one such case study.

Individual Courses - Google apps is the premier platform for cloud based business solutions but the wealth of options can be confusing. Our 8 hour course has now been reworked to be spread accross three lunch "hours" and will help you answer some of those questions that will enable you to recognise that Google Apps is the ideal base to move a business forward. The benefits can include

  • Reduce the cost of IT infrastructure and annual software maintenance
  • Access files and emails from anywhere on any device
  • Collaborate with colleagues in the same room, on the beach or on the other side of the world.
  • Don't get lost in versions and archives
  • Focus on your work, not failing tech.

You can choose to just do one of the courses or all three as there will be no pre-requisites. They are designed to help you work through real world issues that we will discuss prior to the class.

Bring your own laptop or mobile device


The Quick introduction is FREE.

Each module of the GApps course costs $100 or $250 for all three ($75/$200 if you are a Startup Tablelands, theSpace Cairns, FunGIS or Destiny member).

Here's what those that have gone before you said about the course.

Google Apps taught me to be mindful that there is more to life than Word and Excel.I am too used to Word and Excel and just changing my way of thinking about these programs will encourage me to use my brain a bit more. Google Apps is a better way of doing things on the web than I could have done on other programs.

See below for more feedback.


See above for dates

GApps and Docs (aka Word) and hangouts (aka skype)

  • 12 noon to 2pm
    • Introduction to Google Apps and Google drive [15mins]
    • Install them on your devices
    • Create a document, share it, work on it collaboratively

GApps and Sheets (aka Excel) and Forms (aka Survey Monkey)

  • 12 noon to 2pm
    • Introduction to Google Apps and Google drive [15mins]
    • Create a sheet, share it, work on it collaboratively
    • Create a form, feed data from/to it and analyse the results

GApps, Calander and Slides (aka Powerpoint) and addons

  • 12 noon to 2pm
    • Introduction to Google Apps and Google drive [15mins]
    • Create a quick presentation, share it and work collaboratively
    • Schedule a meeting, discuss your docs, sheets and presentations
    • Get some basics on addons to GDrive and chrome that can edit images, create mindmaps, CAD, project management and more.

In person support

1 hour of in person support after/before the classes (only available for participants of all three programs.

Additional training options

  • Google Sites
  • Google/Chrome Addons for project management, video, graphics and more.
  • Trello - for tasking collaboratively

Additional support

  • Additional on-site support will be $130/h plus travel costs billed in 30 min increments
  • Additional off-site support will be $100/h by email, phone, online chat or virtual/remote access (billed in 15 min increments).


Destiny Cafe, 49-57 Loder Street, Atherton

Other venues can be arranged on request.

External Resources

  1. Need help? fill out this form
  2. Test out your Google Apps and cloud apps knowledge
  3. Google Sheets as functional as Excel. Techrepublic
  4. 44% of Fortune 100 companies have gone Google. Visual.ly
  5. The Essential of G Apps - AliceKeeler.com
  6. Compare Office 365 to Google Apps


The following quotes are from participants of the classes without any editing for spelling/grammar or syntax.

In regards to today's lesson, I understood
  • most
  • How to better utilise the collaborative elements of Google Docs and how to use Google calendars
  • how to create an egmail address and learn how to use it and the calender.
  • in part
  • google drive, apps, templates and other features
  • I learned how easy it is to change to Google Apps
The objective(purpose) of today's lesson was...
  • To give me a basic understanding of the most used Google Apps
  • To show the capabilities of GDocs and how to do it or know where to find the info for help
  • Familiarity with google apps/drive and docs
  • To highlight how to use google apps for group work
  • Learn about Google Apps and what it is to be used for
  • To set up so that we are all on the same page and to understand all the features that we can access
  • Learn more about Apps
  • to understand the many functions of each
  • To teach me
  • To get to know applications included in Google Apps
The thing I will most remember from this lesson today is
  • how to do things in Google Apps
  • Google has mastered the art of collboration and saving time
  • collaborative editing
  • The apps that can be added to make things easy in Google apps
  • I hope that I remember!!!
  • How to use the group chat on a document and how many apps there are to use in conjunction within the Google Apps
  • How to use Apps better
  • Anything I hope
One thing I loved about this lesson was
  • The interaction
  • How George made learning about this technology so easy
  • Easy to use once it isembeded in my brain
  • that it was free
  • Is entering and hopefully understand this new step into communication and collaboration
  • is learning to understand more of the things I need to know
  • Getting to understand what Apps is really about
Would you recommend this course to someone else
Never ever
Yah Sure
I am contacting them now
One thing I hated about this lesson was
  • Nothing, nothing, nothing
  • Just me
  • Getting set up.
  • I am a bit slow in learning
  • the range of participants knowledge
  • Not being able to understand some of the applications as I am used to Word and Exl.
One thing I would change about this lesson is
  • Make it more focused on everyone,
  • I would make sure my computer worked :)
  • More hands on with different aspects
  • Bring my driving glasses
  • Nothing
  • going slower on steps, but proceeding with more purpose
  • personally nothing
  • Assess level of computer knowledge of participants to ensure all are at same level of understanding
What questions do you still have regarding this topic?
  • othing
  • Lots
  • Nothing, I will go home and have a play.
  • i will think about it
  • doing the things I have been taught right now
  • maybe after I've practiced in my freetime
  • How can it best suit my individual needs


  • Great training and extremely useful for communication and collaboration. I didn't realise Google offered so much.
  • George's presentation has highlighted that this technology is user friendly and so easy to implement in a group environment.
  • Love Google suite and there are uses for everyone's benefit.

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