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Our Expertise


Training in the Tablelands

<a href="https://www.getback2basics.net/services/google-apps" target="_blank">Google Apps for Small Business </a> | <a href="https://www.getback2basics.net/services/qgis" target="_blank">Mapping for Free with QGIS</a>  

Enabling Technology - Internet, hardware and software.

these are all powerful business tools. We will enable you to use complex and constantly-evolving technology easily and effectively.

We will walk you through the entire process step by step – from defining your goals and setting up the strategy, to handling equipment, gathering data, and conducting fieldwork. Our team have acquired vast experience in this field, working on numerous projects over the years.

Portfolio our skills have been used in multiple projects such as

  1. We are part of the team (Pak Yak) that is building an app for active team chat with Venture Capital funds. The app won the inaugural 2014 Cairns Startup Weekend.
  2. We initiated ShareMatey (now ShareStuff) a site for people to share stuff and help reduce consumption. The concept won the 2nd 2014 Cairn Startup Weekend.
  3. We are working as consultants for Mulungu Aboriginal Corporation and Destiny Inc. The work focused on developing IT strategies.
  4. We are taking organisations on to the cloud so that there business processes can improved.
  5. From 1998 to 2002, we owned and ran a media design and production company, Enigma (Pvt) Ltd. We helped 35 (including 3 of the top-ten) corporations in Sri Lanka develop new media campaigns.

Memorable Travel

Our aim and experience is in serving as a link between communities and travelers so that the experience is a Social, Memorable and really Responsible Tour (SMaRT).

See our portfolio for details on relevant projects from 2000 to date.