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  • Share Stuff

    Share Stuff

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    Get onto the cloud

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  • Skilled Travel

    Skilled Travel

    Do you live in an awesome area, do you want some skilled work done on your property but just can't justify the cost?

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Enabling Technology

Internet, hardware, and software – these are all powerful business tools. We will enable you to use complex and constantly-evolving technology easily and effectively. We will walk you through the entire process step by step – from defining your goals and setting up the strategy, to handling equipment, gathering data, and conducting fieldwork. We have years of international experience with a local focus.

Memorable Travel

Make a difference and enjoy beyond the beaten track visits with locals. Serve as a link between large tourist communities and local service providers. Help people, while learning and having fun at the same time.

Finding and Making your mark has never been so easy

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Elephants - Technology related projects
We contributed to the development of the eleAlert (elephant intrusion early warning) system, created by the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society. The project won an award from the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka and was supported by Google, US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Canadian International Development Agency. The above grant also included work on 1. eleID - an automated system for elephant recognition via unique characterisitics of their face. 2. elePortal - a dynamic Geo Portal/List Serve interfaced with Google Earth to provide a “one stop shop” Internet database for Asian Elephant conservation along with Climate Change data.

Latest Blog Post
3 projects finalized and more
It's been a busy week. Coordinated a major conference of spatial experts, completed 2 websites, won my 3rd startup weekend Cairns and progressed a record management process for an aboriginal corporation while preparing for Google Apps intake 2 and QGIS course.
Now Open For Business

We specialize in helping you get the basics right so that you can find and make your mark.

For close to 2 decades the proprietor has been working for and with "clients" to help them to break down the complex elements that make up the technology that drives our world. Stripping these elements to the basic essentials allows us to then rebuild the project to work efficiently and cost-effectively. Talk to us for a free, no obligation discussion.

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